Pack and Label Days

Passion for packaging


We are the team that for years is dedicated to the areas of packaging, labeling and promotional products.
• We publish the bimonthly magazine specialized in  packaging All Pack Hellas,
• We have a dynamic website , with thousands of visitors per month,
• We provide and offer through our website to producers and packaging label manufacturers  the electronic packaging guide “All Pack Hellas Guide” free,
• We publish a bi-monthly Newsletter to thousands of recipients,
• We organize conferences, symposia, workshops exclusively with issues of packaging and label,
• We organize the  Panhellenic Label Awards Contest  “Gold Label Awards”,
• We publish the annual English-language magazine “P”: “Packaging – Plastic – Printing – Promotion”  with a dynamic, continuous and constant presence and participation in trade fairs abroad
• We declare our presence and participation as sponsors in all major exhibitions and events in Greece and abroad on issues reflected in the packaging, label, printing, food and drinks ….


It is the further development of the Symposium Packaging & Label: Design & Innovation, which we first organized in 2010, giving a further impetus and momentum in a market set to expand.

We suggest new and fresh ideas in line with international trends: Flexibility and specific objectives.
So we organize in the first month of 2017, days of Packaging and Label, under the title “Pack and Label Days 2017”.
A two-day action devoted exclusively to the packaging, label, visibility and promotion of products, embedded in an exciting program – presentations, which will be characterized by discussions, workshops and lectures, offering exhibitors and visitors, who will have the opportunity to experience new trends, innovations, the applications of the future and the latest developments in the packaging and label market.
A constructive weekend which aims to an effective networking of all those involved – in all aspects of the package.


Think tank

Packaging and label is art, is a way of life.
It is the face of the brand and the voice of the product.
It is the connection with the consumer.

• the «5th Symposium Packaging & Label: Smart & Innovation”
and the awards of
“Gold label awards  2017” and
“Smart & Innovation Packaging Awards 2017” will take place in the main conference hall
• Creation of a small theme park where during the two days experts will develop mini-seminars and short speeches.
• Area dedicated to young designers where they will present their creative ideas and concerns bringing a breath of fresh air in the packaging and label industry.

Focuses on

  1. Conceptualization of ideas
  2. Your brand and its truth
  3. Design & Implementation
  4. Technologies and methods
  5. Packaging materials
  6. Printing
  7. Visibility and promotion
  8. Marketing

Place your product at the most dynamic point

How will your product attract attention and admiration?
How to create packaging that speaks?

Main Subject

Paper, Pulp, Paper packaging, corrugated cardboard, cardboard boxes, cardboard displays etc. -and much more…

Highlight your product:

1. Innovative packaging and labels
2. Packaging and Nanotechnology
3. Secure packaging
4. Luxury packaging
5. Creative packaging
6. 3D printing
7. CAD / CAM Software
8. Smart applications
9. Retail Technologies
10. Visibility & promotion
11. Pos marketing (a the store shelf,  at the POS)
12. Solutions for product placement and brand management


Addressed TO

• Industry
1. of  Packaging
2. oF the labels
3. of Printing
4. of Food and drinks
5. the primary producers
6. tf Pharmaceutical and beauty products
• Retail and S / M
• Directors, executives and marketing managers
• Creative agencies
• Restless and anxious people


“Pack & Label Days ” are fixed every two years.
Every time richer, each time more different,
Each time new.

Your website

You are inaugurating the website, you are going to enrich it, – it is yours.
Not only the news of the organization, –  but all your informations and news as well as your own videos from your activities will be posted on your website.
In collaboration with the website of  and the social media “packaging” goes everywhere.